Plans, Documents and Reports

Moyne Shire Council must make specific information and documents available for the public to view, under Section 11 of the Local Government (General) Regulations 2004.

The following information can be inspected by appointment at the Moyne Shire Council Municipal Offices, Princes Street, Port Fairy, during office hours (from Local Govt (General) Regulations 2004 SR130/2004 )

 (a)      a document containing details of overseas or interstate travel (other than interstate travel by land for less than 3 days) undertaken in an official capacity by any Councillor or member of Council staff in the previous 12 months, including -

            (i) the name of the Councillor or member of Council staff; and

            (ii) the dates on which the travel began and ended; and

            (iii) the destination of the travel; and

            (iv) the purpose of the travel; and

            (v) the total cost to the Council of the travel, including accommodation costs;

 (b)       the agendas for, and minutes of, ordinary and special meetings held in the previous 12 months which are kept under section 93 of the Act, other than those agendas and minutes relating to a part of a meeting which was closed to members of the public under section 89 of the Act and are confidential information within the meaning of section 77(2) of the Act;

 (c)       the minutes of meetings of special committees established under section 86 of the Act and held in the previous 12 months, other than those minutes relating to a part of a meeting which was closed to members of the public under section 89 of the Act and are confidential information within the meaning of section 77(2) of the Act;

 (d)       a register of delegations kept under sections 87(1) and 98(4) of the Act, including the date on which the last review took place under sections 86(6) and 98(6),  respectively, of the Act;

 (e)       a document containing details of all leases involving land which were entered into by the Council as lessor, including the lessee and the terms and the value of the lease;

 (f)        a register maintained under section 224(1A) of the Act of authorised officers appointed under that section;

 (g)       a list of donations and grants made by the Council in the previous 12 months, including the names of persons who, or bodies which, have received a donation or          grant and the amount of each donation or grant.

To arrange an appointment or for more information contact the Records Coordinator on (03) 5568 0555.

Other documents are available here

Council Documents

Council-Plan(PDF, 5MB)Council Plan Public Submissions Report(PDF, 245KB)  

Councillor Code of Conduct(PDF, 1MB)

Governance Rules(PDF, 2MB)

Revenue and Rating Plan 2021-2025(PDF, 921KB)

Annual Report

Available here


Please visit this page for details on current and previous budgets

Other Plans

Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017-2021(PDF, 2MB)

Municipal Early Years Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Road Management Plan(PDF, 579KB)

Register of Public Roads(PDF, 560KB)

Domestic Animal Management Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Avenues-of-Honour-Final-Report-2017(PDF, 11MB)

Tea Tree Lake Master Plan(PDF, 858KB)

Railway Place Precinct Plan(PDF, 2MB)

East Beach Master Plan(PDF, 17MB)

East-beach-Landfills Long Term Management Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Dairy-Supply-Chain-Study(PDF, 19MB)

Irvine Reserve Master Plan 2019(PDF, 6MB)

Woorndoo Plan Report(PDF, 5MB)

Macarthur Market Street Precinct Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Gardens Reserve Master Plan(PDF, 6MB)

Bicycle strategy(PDF, 1MB)

Port-of-Port-Fairy-Master-Plan(PDF, 8MB)

Port-of-Port-Fairy-Concept-Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Open Space Strategy

Open-Space-Strategy(PDF, 3MB)

Action-Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Executive Summary(PDF, 1MB)

Port Fairy Street Tree Management Plan

Volume 1(PDF, 3MB)

Volume 2(PDF, 9MB)

Volume 3(PDF, 4MB)

Council Adopted Policies

Available here

Local Laws

Moyne Local Law No.1 2015(PDF, 7MB)

Details of local laws are available here


Environmental Sustainability Strategy(PDF, 628KB)
Rating Strategy 2016(PDF, 4MB)

Other Reports

Woorndoo Heritage Assessments(PDF, 3MB)

Moyne-2021-Community-Satisfaction-Survey-Report(PDF, 3MB)

Hawkesdale Wind farm Background Noise Report

Simplified-Report(PDF, 14MB)

Technical-Report(PDF, 14MB)

Submissions - Wind Farm Complaints Handling Procedure

Submission-Wind-Farm-Complaints-Handling-Procedure-Anne-Blacker(PDF, 118KB)

Submission-Wind-Farm-Compliants-Handling-Procedure-AEIC(PDF, 771KB)

Submission-Wind-Farm-Compliants-Handling-Procedure-N-Blain(PDF, 480KB)

Wind-Farm-Living-Complaints-Submission-amended(PDF, 724KB)

Wind-Farm-Living-Submission-Complaint-Proforma-amended(PDF, 99KB)