Mortlake South Wind Farm Community Engagement Committee


The purpose of the Mortlake South Wind Farm Community Engagement Committee is:

  • To assist with the timely and effective flow of information between the community, the project proponent, Council and relevant stakeholder agencies regarding the progress of the Mortlake South Wind Farm project.
  • To assist in the resolution of issues that may arise during the construction and operational stages of the Mortlake South Wind Farm project.


You can read the committee's charter here(PDF, 60KB)

Councillor Members

Cr Jim Doukas, Cr Jill Parker, Cr Ian Smith


Minutes for the last 12 months or the most recent meeting are also shown. Copies of minutes from earlier meetings can be obtained on request

2020-06-24-CONFIRMED-minutes-incl-attachments-MSWF-CEC(PDF, 682KB)
2020-07-29-CONFIRMED-minutes-incl-Atts-MSWF-CEC(PDF, 1MB)
2020-08-26-CONFIRMED-minutes-incl-Atts-MSWF-CEC(PDF, 645KB)
2020-12-02-CONFIRMED-minutes-Mortlake-South-Wind-Farm-CEC(PDF, 882KB)
2021-01-20-CONFIRMED-minutes-incl-Atts-Mortlake-South-Wind-Farm-CEC(PDF, 1MB)
2021-02-24-CONFIRMED-minutes-incl-Atts-Mortlake-South-Wind-Farm-CEC(PDF, 1MB)
Charter-for-Mortlake-South-Wind-Farm-Community-Engagement-Committee-sealed(PDF, 456KB)
2021.03.24-Confirmed-minutes-Mortlake-South-Wind-Farm-CEC.pdf(PDF, 832KB)
2021-04-28-Confirmed-minutes-Mortlake-South-Wind-Farm-CEC.pdf(PDF, 1MB)
CONFIRMED-minutes-Mortlake-South-Wind-Farm-CEC-meeting-23-June-2021.pdf(PDF, 1MB)
CONFIRMED-minutes-Mortlake-South-Wind-Farm-CEC-11-August-2021.pdf(PDF, 1MB)