Terang Mortlake Health Service

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Stage 1A and 1B of the redevelopment of its Mortlake Campus ($6.665 million)

The redevelopment of the TMHS Mortlake Campus would include a new, purpose-built Community Health Centre, a new ambulance station and improve accessibility. The new facility will provide an emergency outpatients service, defined as an ‘Outpatients Care Service’ within the state trauma system. The new facilities would also integrate the GP clinic for a one stop shop health care facility, with services to include dental, physiotherapy, podiatry, dieticians, GP consulting, pathology, maternal and child health services, district nursing, occupational therapists and other community health services.

The TMHS Mortlake Campus makes a significant contribution to the local economy through employment and local business procurement which in turn creates a valuable secondary impact by maintaining local spend. In 2017-18, EFT employment generated by the Mortlake Community Health Centre contributed $0.623 million to the Moyne economy via direct, supply chain and consumption effects.

Mortlake is strategically positioned at the junction of two busy highways and two major arterial roads, making it easily accessible. With increasing local industry such as the expansion of the Western Victoria Livestock Exchange sale yards and nearby renewable energy projects, coupled with an aging population, there is increased demand on local health services. The provision of locally based health services reduces the need for patients to travel large distances to other centres, reducing the amount of ‘spend-leakage’ from the local economy. The total impact on economic output is estimated to increase by up to $8.336 million.