Libraries - Advocacy 2018


Corangamite Regional Library Service (CRLC) provides library services for City of Warrnambool, Colac-Otway Shire, Corangamite Shire and Moyne Shire.

Local Government funding of public libraries has increased at a higher rate than State funding and currently represents around 80% of public library funding in Victoria. Rate Capping has limited Council capacity to fund library services, particularly in the CRLC Region, where there is limited population and rate base growth. Any addition in library service now has to be found at the expense of other areas of service. CRLC Funding from State Government in the past two years has increased by less than 2%, significantly lower than the Rate Cap for each year.

CRLC is seeking a commitment from the State Government to retain funding at least at current levels with annual CPI increases and preferably with an annual increase of 5%.