Defend East Beach Port Fairy - Advocacy 2018


Port Fairy is one of Victoria’s premier tourist destinations. Each year, some 240,000 people come to Port Fairy. Unfortunately, much of what is valued by residents and visitors is being put at risk by sea level rise, coastal erosion and inundation.

Two decommissioned landfills sit in the East Beach sand dunes. The 120m rock wall we built in 2014 is proving effective. However, climate change, sea level rise and increasingly severe sea storms will expose any weaknesses in the current management approach and could lead to waste spilling onto the beach and into the ocean.

Moyne Shire has a plan but not the financial capacity to protect the town and landfills. Together we can partner with the new State Government to:

  • Protect the landfills from erosion
  • Protect sand dunes supporting homes and public assets
  • Provide beach for tourists and visitors