One and All Inclusive Events Program

Did you know that people with disabilities represent a considerable proportion of your potential customer base? Over four million Australians – around 19% of our population – have a physical, intellectual or other disability. This figure can at times increase to about 35% of the population if you include people with temporary disabilities.

People will choose to participate in festivals and events depending on the ease of access, quality and range of activities available to them. The One & All Inclusive Events Program helps you improve accessibility in four easy steps.

What is a One & All Inclusive Event?

A One & All Inclusive Event is an event endorsed by the Rural Access program. Criteria are based on:

• Event planning.
• Ease of access to the festival/event.
• Ease of movement around the festival/event.
• Signage.
• Toilets and other facilities.
• Promoting improved access to patrons.

Why become a One & All Inclusive Event?

By becoming a One & All Inclusive Event you can:

• Attract new participants.
• Improve services to all participants.
• Be provided with equipment to improve access.
• Use the One & All Inclusive Event logo.
• Increase promotion of your event.
• Actively reduce discrimination.

One & All Inclusive Event in 4 Steps
  • Step 1 – Gaining Commitment
  • Step 2 – Planning Your Event
  • Step 3 – Promoting Your Event
  • Step 4 – Evaluating Your Event