Major Projects and Wind Farms

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Moyne Shire Council plays a varied role in major developments or projects in our area. We encourage activities that create employment, drive innovation and attract investment while advocating for the sustainability of our industries, communities, ecosystems and landscapes that make our home so special.

Wind farms 

Our shire is experiencing a boost in the number of wind farm projects. This is due to a number of factors, including:
- wind resources
- proximity to a major transmission line, which generally runs east-west across the Shire
- industry advancements in both renewable energy technologies and growth in private sector investments
- two successful bids in the Victorian Government's VRET scheme.


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Dundonnell Wind Farm

Latest news 

Dundonnell Wind Farm Shopfront,  97 Dunlop St, Mortlake
Project staff will be available to answer any questions about the project. This is an excellent chance for local companies, contractors or interested parties to discuss work or job opportunities related to the project. Opening hours:
Monday 7am - 1pm
Thursday and Friday 10am - 4pm

Contact the project team at or on 1800 122 823.

For information about the transmission line works, please contact the AusNet Services project team at or on 0490 211 787. 



January 2019 Notice of Commencement of Construction(PDF, 37KB)
November 2018 Newsletter(PDF, 292KB)
November 2018 FAQs(PDF, 271KB)

Project status Construction commenced January, 2019. External road upgrades (entering the site) and new quarry works (located on site) are currently underway.
Project duration Anticipated construction timeline of 18 months.
Developer Tilt Renewables
Energy capacity

336MW, with annual output of 1,230GWh which is equal to powering 245,000 homes per year.
Carbon offset of 1.3 million tonnes which is equal to 440,000 cars. 

Location 23km north-east of Mortlake. 
Project value $560 million. 
Turbines 80 x Vestas turbines with tip height of 189m. 
For more information

Visit the project site.



Mortlake South Wind Farm

Latest news Mortlake South Wind Farm Office Shopfront, 95 Dunlop Street, Mortlake 
Open Thursdays and Fridays from 9am-4pm, with staff on hand to answer questions and provide project updates.


Procurement underway

Mortlake South Wind Farm is currently taking registrations from local companies and contractors
interested in working on the project.

Main project packages include -  Public Road Upgrades; Civil Balance of Plant (BOP); Electrical BOP; 
Tower delivery, unloading and assembly; Substation construction; Operations and Maintenance Building.
Additional packages include - Accommodation and Food Supply; Safety and Security; Fencing;
Landscaping and rehabilitation; Waste removal and recycling; Cleaning services; Fuel and Water Supply

Click here for more information on these packages. Or contact:

Click here for info about employment opportunities.


October 2018 Newsletter
Project fact sheet

Status Anticipated construction commencement February 2019.
Project duration Anticipated construction timeline of 18 months.
Developer  Acciona.
Energy capacity 157.5 MW which is equal to powering about 66,000 homes annually.
Location South-east of Mortlake.
Project value $288 million.
Turbines 35 x Nordex turbines with a tip height of 186m.
Steel towers manufactured in Portland by Keppel Prince.
For more information Visit the project site.