Macarthur Precinct Project

What is the Macarthur Recreation and Cultural Precinct Project

The project has been in development since adoption of the Macarthur Market Street Precinct Plan in 2019.  The project will see the activation and part redevelopment of the Precinct in the community of Macarthur.  The precinct is home to the Macarthur Bowls Club and community outdoor pool and also has tennis courts, open space, gardens and various other amenities.

Playgorund removal paused

The removal of the playground as part of the Macarthur Precinct upgrade has been paused pending further funding announcements.


Council has listened to the community’s concerns and readjusted the works program to pause the playground removal for the time being. Other civil works within the reserve are anticipated to begin next week (October 10).


The playground has reached the end of its serviceable life, a new playspace is planned to be installed in another area of the reserve as part of stage two works.


Council has grant funding applications currently under consideration and is very confident of success. That money would then fund a new playspace, as well as other works.


All works are part of the Macarthur Precinct Plan, which was developed with the community in 2019.


The refreshed space will significantly improve access and use of recreation and play activities for more ages and for all abilities, something that the current precinct does not provide.


For further information, please contact council on 1300 656 564


Why is the project being undertaken?

The Market Street Recreation and Cultural Precinct project will enhance the precinct for both the local community and visitors and encourage a broad range of community recreation activity.

The precinct is highly valued by the community who have provided their support to the development of the site to improve its function and attractiveness as a recreation and social hub for both residents and visitors.

The main community participation and amenity outcomes of the project are to:

  • Enhance access to play and social recreation for all ages and all abilities.
  • Improve mobility and access to and around the precinct (permeability) for more active lifestyles particularly for older residents and people with mobility needs.
  • Improve the overall appearance of the precinct as a public space including removal of unnecessary fencing, landscaping, seating, signage and shelter.
  • Respond to changing trends in recreation participation and provision of recreation opportunities for people of all abilities and all ages, and with current play facilities being outdated and in need of renewal.  For example there are very limited all abilities facilities and amenities, and some the key precinct assets are beyond functional life.

What are the Stage 1 Civil Works?

Works will be undertaken by Moyne Shire appointed and managed preferred suppliers.  The Stage 1 Civil Works will include:

  • Demolition and site preparation primarily to the northern and western sections of the precinct.
  • Decommissioning and demolition of the current playground and fencing.
  • Internal footpath upgrades.
  • Renewal to the footpath in Market Street.
  • Installation of 10 new parking bays in Eversley Street.
  • Proposed installation of up to 4 long parallel parking bays in High Street – subject to VicRoads approval.
  • Drainage and electrical installations for future stages such as the playspace, BBQ other installations.
  • Kerb treatments where required.
  • Retention of the existing BBQ shelter with a new facility proposed at the new playspace.
  • Retention of community built assets on site including the rotunda, the well, The Memorial Rose Garden, and information boards.  Apart from the rose garden which s being left as is, these other assets will either be refurbished / replaced as part of future works.
  • Removal of the two banner poles due to their impact on proposed works and precinct functionality under the design plans.


How is the project being funded?

Council has currently committed $480,000 to the project under the Federal Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Fund.  Under the funding terms, this money needs to be spent and acquitted by end of June 2023.

Council has also as allocation of $100,000 that is currently set aside in support of submitted applications for further funding support t Bushfire Recovery Victoria and Sport and Recreation Victoria.  Future works will be planned and implemented depending on funding outcomes.

What are the timeframes for Stage 1 Civil Works?

Works are planned to commence on the 10th October – weather and contractor availability dependent – with anticipated completion by Christmas 2022. 

Any changes to works and / or works scheduling will be communicated as appropriate via council’s Facebook page, letter drops to neighbouring properties, Precinct user committees and through local news outlets including the Mac News.

How much disruption will be there to accessing and using the Precinct whilst works are underway?

Council and contractors will endeavour to minimise disruption to users and uses of the Precinct as is practical to do so.  Implementation of works will where possible, occur in sections of the Precinct to minimise disruption. 

Given that this will be a construction site, access to the precinct will be restricted through fencing, signage and other barriers to ensure the safety of workers and the community.  The community are required to adhere to any work site instructions.  Any questions or concerns in relation to the works should be directed to Council via the contact details given below.

It is not anticipated that there will be any major disruption to the operation of the Bowls Club or the community pool unless this is deemed necessary by Council for safety, access or other reasons.  These disruptions will be communicated by Council to the Bowls Club and Pool Committee representatives directly at the earliest opportunity. 

It should be noted that as part of Stage 1 Civil Works, the current playground will be decommissioned and demolished.  This will make way for new footpaths, gardens, and access from new car parking spaces in Eversley Street.

Whilst Council appreciates the loss of a playground is not ideal in the short term, we would encourage residents to enjoy the other public open space areas in Macarthur for play and recreation.  Installation plans and designs for new playspace equipment in the new playspace zone are currently being sought from a range of providers.

The two banner poles on the western edge of the precinct will also be removed under the works.  It is planned to improve signage, lighting and information boards as part of future works.

What about future works for the improving the precinct?

Future works at the Precinct will be dependent on:

  • Amount of remaining Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Fund budget which will be monitored as Stage 1 work progress and assessed against the quantity surveyor cost estimates that have been completed;
  • Outcomes of current project funding applications lodged with Bushfire Recovery Victoria and Sport and Recreation Victoria
  • Finalisation of costs for key installations including the new playspace, multi-court and proposed splash pad.

Council will make announcements and provide timely updates on future works,

Are there project plans or documents I can look at?

You can find more information about the project including plans and concepts here 

Macarthur-Market-Street-Precinct-Plan-2019_Final(PDF, 1MB)



Copies are also available to view at our Port Fairy Council office.

Who do we contact if we need more information?

For more information or to make contact with Council in relation to works please contact us as below:

1300 65 65 65

We will direct your enquiry to the appropriate project officer.