Wind Farms Have Your Say


Have your say about wind farm development in Moyne Shire

Did you know that there are 310 wind turbines built in Moyne Shire that can produce renewable electricity?

Did you know that there is a new wind farm under construction just near Yambuk? It’s called Ryan Corner Wind Farm.

There are proposals to build another 400 wind turbines in Moyne. That could mean a total of over 700 turbines spinning in our rural areas.

Wind farms can operate for 20 – 30 years, so what do you think about more wind farms being built in the Shire?


  1. Codrington wind farm was the first wind farm built in Victoria in 2001. Its turbines are 81m high.
  2. The turbines of Dundonnell wind farm are 189m high.
  3. Some new turbines being built in Victoria could be 250m high.
  4. A wind farm can operate for 20 – 30 years. How old will you be when the new turbines being built at Ryan Corner near Yambuk have reached the end of their operational life?
  5. To reach net zero emissions by 2050 in Victoria more than 15 times the present renewable energy will be required – that means more wind farms on land and at sea.
  6. There are 7 wind farms built in Moyne Shire and one just starting construction.


Moyne Shire currently hosts 310 wind turbines and new proposals could result in another 400 turbines being built.

The Minister for Planning in the State Government, not the Council, gives approval for wind farms to be built. So Council wants to provide recommendations to the State Government about the best way to develop wind farms in the future.

Council has released this draft recommendation for community comment. We’d love to hear your views, as wind farms may shape the places you live for the next 20 – 30 years.


Moyne Shire Council strongly recommends that the State Government pauses the issuing of all wind farm planning permits in the Shire until strategic land use planning in the South West Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) is completed in consultation with Moyne Shire and other affected Councils and communities. REZ planning should include:

  • Wind farm development buffers placed around towns/townships;
  • A methodology developed to assess cumulative impacts, and used to assess all future planning permit applications;
  • An agreed cap on development for Moyne Shire (development threshold of number of turbines or density limits);
  • Significant strategic long term economic and social benefits for host communities;
  • Undergrounding of high voltage power lines where technically feasible, or otherwise powerline sharing;
  • A decommissioning policy. 


What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is energy that comes from a source that is endless and can’t run out, like the wind and the sun.

What is net zero emissions?

The State government has set a target for Victoria to reduce its emission of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide or CO2) to zero by the year 2050.

What is a buffer?

At the moment a wind turbine has to be at least 1 km away from a house, unless the house owner give permission for it to be closer. The Council would like to see larger buffers, especially around our small towns.

What is a Renewable Energy Zone (REZ)?

A renewable energy zone is an area of land that is very suitable for the development of wind and solar farms. It is the area where most facilities will be built. The State Government has decided that South West Victoria is a renewable energy zone due to its high winds, available high voltage powerlines and large areas of rural land.

What is strategic land use planning?

Strategic land use planning in a renewable energy zone would set out a plan for the growth of wind and solar farms that takes into account the social, environmental, economic and infrastructure needs of an area. It would ensure that new wind and solar projects are sited to minimise the impacts on local people and the environment, while maximising the benefits to the community.

What is decommissioning?

When a wind farm reaches the end of its operational life (20 – 30 years), the turbines need to be removed and the land rehabilitated. A lot of the metal turbine parts can be recycled, but at present the blades have to go to a special land fill site to be buried. The State government and industry do not have a coordinated way to reuse, recycle or dispose of these parts.


Have your say via:

  • online form
  • post to Moyne Shire Council Offices, Princes Street (PO Box 51), Port Fairy 3284;
  • email to Please place "Draft Wind Farm Position" in the title of your email.

Submissions close 5pm 30 June 2022.