Moyne NextGen! FAQ's

Moyne NextGen! Frequently Asked Questions


What is Moyne NextGen!?

Moyne Shire Council is inviting young people aged 16 to 25 years to express their interest in being on the Moyne NextGen! youth engagement panel.

A panel of up to 10 people will partner with Council to co-design a new contemporary, responsive and representative youth engagement model that more effectively meets the needs and preferences of young people. The aim of the model is to give young people a stronger voice in the Council decision-making process, in the development of strategies, policies and services, and in addressing issues of importance to the shire, now and into the future.

Why is a new youth community engagement model needed?

Until now, Council has used a youth council model as a conduit for hearing youth opinion and informing Council decisions. While this model served a purpose, the youth council was not representative of Moyne’s diverse youth population. Consultation as part of the Moyne Youth Plan also identified that young people want more opportunities to participate in decision-making and a stronger voice in addressing issues that affect youth and Moyne Shire generally.

What will a new community engagement model achieve?

Young people have a significant role to play in shaping the economic, social and cultural success of Moyne Shire. By engaging young people in a way that’s meaningful to them, there will be better informed Council decisions, and improved services for the wellbeing and development of young people.

What are some of the other benefits for young people?

Moyne NextGen! will be a great opportunity for young people to meet new people, develop their communication and public speaking skills, and gain valuable experience collaborating with like-minded young people who want to make a difference to life in Moyne. And the experience and skills gained will look great on your resume!

What’s involved?

Panel members will participate in two independently-facilitated workshops (up to eight hours) on Saturday 2nd and Thursday 7th October. The first workshop will be in-person, depending on COVID-19 restrictions at the time and the second workshop will be online.

Panel members will need to:

• commit to reading/watching background material
• attend each workshop
• be willing to listen to others and openly share their thoughts and ideas
• work as a group in making recommendations on behalf of the young people of Moyne.

Panel members will be paid $35 per hour for their time and contribution.

How do young people register their interest?

Young people need to register their interest by Friday 17th September here

How do I find out more?

For more information, please call Bec Elmes on 1300 656 564.