Moyne Shire to Recycle More Products

Published on 10 February 2021


Moyne Shire Council will recycle more plastic products, with residents now able to add containers with the number five recycling symbol to their yellow recycling bins.

Moyne Shire Council Mayor, Cr Daniel Meade said that the changes will make it easier for residents to recycle and reduce landfill waste.

“Previously, products such as ice cream, margarine and yoghurt containers had to be put into red landfill bins and if they were mixed with other recyclables, the whole amount would be contaminated,” said Cr Meade.

“Now, even more plastic will be diverted from landfill, there will be less contamination and more capacity in your red landfill bins.”

Cr Meade praised the community for its ongoing commitment to minimising the amount of waste sent to landfill and reducing bin contamination.

“We know the changes can be confusing, but we applaud Moyne residents’ ability to adapt and respond to the ongoing changes, reducing contaminants in their yellow recycling bins and assisting Council to implement improved waste solutions.”

“While an item might carry a recycling symbol, this does not always mean it can be recycled here in Australia. We need to get into the habit of checking the numbers on packaging,” said Cr Meade.

Updates in the Australian recycling market have made this positive change possible.

“There are significant benefits to recycling of plastic bottles and containers marked with numbers one, two and five recycling symbol. These plastics are re-used in a range of products right here in Australia.”

“The addition of these items to our recycling processes is part of Council’s ongoing commitment to reduce our landfill contribution and provide more sustainable options for waste management.”

Up to date details on what goes in your yellow recycling bin can be found on Moyne Shire Council’s website:


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