Travel exemption to prepare a property for the summer season

With the summer season imminent, there is a need for all owners of properties in bushfire prone areas, floodway overlays or other hazard overlays to prepare their property to reduce the risk of emergency. Metropolitan Melbourne residents are currently restricted from travelling more than 25 kilometres in metropolitan Melbourne and are unable to travel to regional Victoria – except for a small number of exemptions. While there are currently exemptions to allow travel to regional Victoria as required by law, for example if the property owner has been issued with a Fire Prevention Notice, a process has been developed that will allow councils to issue a letter of support to travel for property owners to attend their property.


  • The property must be partially or wholly situated in a bushfire prone area, floodway overlay or other hazard overlay.
  • Owners have a maximum of 72 hours from the time they leave their primary residence, to the time they return.
  • Proposed date(s) of travel must not be within seven days of application
  •  Owners may wish stay overnight at the property for the duration of the period.
  •  Current restrictions do not allow for metropolitan Melbourne residents to book accommodation in regional Victoria. If they are unable to stay on the property, they will need to return to their primary place of residence.
  •  Current restrictions do not allow for metropolitan Melbourne residents to attend shops in regional Victoria for supplies to undertake the preparation (e.g. tools)
  • Only people in the owners’ household may accompany

Apply now

To apply for a permit to attend a property in Moyne Shire, please complete the following form.