What do you think?

(until 21 Aug 2020)

What do you think of our open space strategy? What do you like, what do you think is missing?

Let us know you use open spaces in Moyne Shire and how they can be improved for the benefit of all. We'd love to hear what you think.

  1. Meredith Adams
    The Wangoom hall would benefit greatly from an upgrade to the outdoor area especially the playground. As a local and member of the tennis club and Red Cross unit that holds meetings and events at the hall I feel improvements are needed. Not only do our club use these facilities visiting clubs from the hawkesdale and district association travel and often bring their children as it is a family day out for many. In addition we have hired the hall for our daughters and our own birthday parties and feel the playground area does require some improvements.
  2. Katy Mckenzie
    Winslow would greatly benefit. The lake is
    Inaccessible , weed everywhere. The picnic table/area is that over grown with weeds and shrubs that again inaccessible. It would also be absolutely amazing if a walking track and or board walk could be built around the lake. So we could admire the local wildlife that we hear out our windows ever day and night but never get to see them.
    Also we are in desperate need of foot paths. Especially along the main road though town. Ive witness several times now the local police tell a young girl off for riding her skateboard on the main road. While i agree its very dangerous of her, she wouldn't be having to to that if she had a foot path to ride on instead. And it not just her, its walkers, chilren, mother and baby in prams, its only a matter og time before someone get hit a killed because there is nowhere safe to walk in winslow. Please dont be like corangermite and wait for that to happen. Act now!
    The playground is fantastic but an up grade to the the whole reaserve would also be beneficial.
    Ive only been living here in winslow for 8 months now. And i love this town. And although ive only been here a short time, i really believe these things would make for a more livable, safer and welcome town.