New Kerbside Waste Collection Service


From 1 July 2017 all residents located in the townships/residential zones of Caramut, Chatsworth, Framlingham, Hexham, Nullawarre, Peterborough, and Woorndoo, will receive three news bins comprised of:

  • 120 litre garbage bin (red lid), collected weekly;
  • 240 litre recycling bin (yellow lid) collected fortnightly; and
  • 240 litre food organics and garden organics bin (green lid) collected on the alternate fortnight.

Residents eligible for this new service will receive a letter from Council in April.

In addition to the extension of the kerbside to new areas, all recipients of the service, existing and new, will receive a kitchen caddie and caddie liners to assist them in utilising the food organics and garden organics service. The community waste survey conducted indicated in 2016 indicated that only 35% of existing recipients of the service use the food and garden organics green bin to dispose of vegetable scraps and only 10% for meat and fish scraps. The majority still currently dispose of their food organics in the garbage bin.

Processing of food organics is cheaper than disposing of garbage to landfill. Diverting food organics from the garbage bin to the food organics and garden organics bins will not only save the community money in the long term, it will also help the environment.