Kerbside Waste Collection – Frequently Asked Questions


On Monday 3 July 2017, Council will enter a new Kerbside Waste Collection Contract with Four Seasons Waste. Four Seasons Waste has collected waste from kerbside bins throughout Moyne Shire since 2010. As Four Seasons Waste will continue to provide this service, existing customers should experience a seamless transition. To further improve the service, Council is introducing kitchen caddies and bio-degradable liners to divert more food waste from landfill. Council has also expanded the service to seven previously unserviced communities making efficient, convenient waste disposal available to more residents.

2.I do not currently receive a residential kerbside service. Will I now be able to?

In July 2016 Moyne Shire Council resolved to extend its residential kerbside bin collection service to Caramut, Chatsworth, Framlingham, Hexham, Nullawarre, Peterborough and Woorndoo. The service is compulsory for residential properties (with houses on them) within these township and residential zones.

Council regularly considers requests for expansion of the collection area for residential kerbside waste collection to cover more townships and the routes between. Residents who think that they may be along collection routes are encouraged to contact Council to enquire about accessing the service.

The collection will start on 3 July 2017 with new bins expected to be rolled out to properties in the new collection areas in the last two weeks of June 2017.

3.I operate a commercial or industrial business in Moyne. Can I receive a kerbside service?

Yes. However, Council’s kerbside waste service is designed to meet the requirements of the average residential property within the municipality and may not meet the requirements of commercial or industrial businesses.

4.Where do I place my bins out for collection?

All bins should be placed with the opening of the bins facing the road. Bins should be 1 metre apart and ½ a metre from the kerbside drain edge. If there is no kerbside drain edge, bins should be placed approximately 1 - 2 metres off the road edge in a visible location.

5.When will my bins get emptied?

There will be minor changes to the Kerbside Collection Route. Residents in the Southern Cross, Grassmere, Purnim and Mepunga areas will be affected by these changes and notified with a letter in the mail. All other residents will continue with their current collection days. Refer to the collection calendar or contact Council if you need further information.

6.I don’t need a green lidded organics bin. Can I opt out?

No, the organics bin is an integral part of the service package. It can be used for lawn clippings, garden pruning’s and all kitchen scraps. Refer to waste collection guide for more details.

7.Can I use the organics bin for food scraps?

Yes. The waste collection guide explains what can be put into the organics bin.

8.Why have I received a kitchen caddie?

Results from a Waste Services Survey in 2016 showed that only 35% of respondents use their green lidded organics bin to dispose of vegetable scraps and only 10% for meat and fish scraps. These food organic wastes are able to be added to the existing green lidded organics bin and composted – substantially reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. This reduces toxic gases and enables these wastes to be composted and used as a resource. Residents are encouraged to utilise the biodegradable green liner bags provided with the kitchen caddie to reduce spills and smells from food waste. The green liners bags can go into the green lidded organics bin.

9.Will the caddies and liners cost me more?

No. The waste collection contractor will provide kitchen caddies and liners as part of the service over the next 5-years.

10.What if I run out of biodegradable green liner bags?

Residents will receive 150 biodegradable green liner bags each year to use with their kitchen caddie. This averages out to using one every 2-3 days. If residents require more than the allocated amount, they will be able to purchase biodegradable green liner bags from all Moyne Shire Waste Facilities or customer service centres. Residents are only to use bio-degradable green liner bags when disposing of food waste into the green lidded organics bin. The bio-degradable green liners breakdown in the composting process. Using plastic bags, including ‘degradable plastic bags’ will contaminate the material and take up to 1000 years to break down in landfill.

11.What am I going to be charged for this service?

The 2017/18 Kerbside Collection Service Charge to residents for this service is expected to be $346.00. This will be confirmed 27 June 2017 when Council adopts its 2017/18 Budget.

12.Will I have to pay for the bins?

No, the bins are provided as part of the service, however they will remain the property of the Moyne Shire Council. All lost or stolen bins will require a statutory declaration and incur a replacement fee. All damaged bins should be reported to the Moyne Shire Council for repairs and may incur a repair fee.