Kerbside Recycling FAQ's

We are disappointed that our recycling processor SKM is not yet at a stage where they are able to re-open to take recyclable material.

The Environment Protection Authority is continuing to monitor SKM’s clean up, however, there is still no certainty around the timing for the reopening of SKM’s recycling processing plants.

Your recycling bins will continue to be collected as usual, but the contents will, unfortunately, be taken to landfill. We’ll continue to keep you updated on this situation.

Will my recycling bin still be collected?

Yes. Recycling bins will be collected as normal but until SKM’s plant reopens the contents will be diverted to landfill.

Why can’t the recycling just go somewhere else?

Council collects 50 tonnes of recycling from households each fortnight. There are very few facilities in Victoria that process recycling. We have thoroughly investigated all options and for a range of reasons including permit conditions, capacity, and fire risk, other companies are not able to take on the extra materials.

Can’t Council just collect and store the recycling until the plant is open again?

No. The EPA’s licensing rules for waste sites do not allow this.

I don’t want my recycling going to landfill, what can I do?

If you have enough space in your bin, we’d encourage you to hold on to your recycling materials at home until the issue is resolved.  We understand many people can’t do this so we will still be collecting and emptying your recycling bins on your normal collection day with the materials temporarily going to landfill.

Why has this happened?

SKM has closed its receival centres.  This follows a decision by the EPA (Environment Protection Authority) to temporarily stop SKM from receiving recycling at its plants in Melbourne

How many people are affected?

SKM receives 50% of Victoria’s recycling and takes materials from 30 Council areas across Victoria.

Will Council have to pay the cost of sending it to landfill instead of recycling?

It is unlikely that there will be any additional cost to Council to divert recycling to landfill.

Why doesn’t Council have a back-up plan for situations such as this?

There are very few locations in Victoria that accept and process recycling materials. Recycling is an important issue to our community, but all Councils in Victoria are in the same situation so we are working with the State and Federal Governments to come up with more sustainable long-term solutions for processing recycling.

How long will this last?

The State Government and EPA are working with SKM to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We are disappointed that we are one of 30 Councils affected by this issue.

Will I get a refund?

No. The cost of collecting and transporting your rubbish and recycling each week continues to remain the same; the destination of the recycling is the only change in the short term.