Four-weekly glass only collection


Four-weekly glass only collection

Four-weekly glass only collection

Place your purple-lidded glass only bin on the kerb before 6am on your collection day.

What can I put in my glass only bin?

  • Bottles (no lids)
  • Window glass and mirrors
  • Pyrex
  • Glassware

What can’t I put in my glass only bin? - If in doubt leave it out and put it in the red-lidded landfill bin

  • Metal or plastic lids – put this is the yellow-lidded recycle bin
  • General waste
  • Strictly no plastics
  • Automotive glass
  • eWaste
  • Plastics
  • Foodwaste / organics
  • Cartons / paper or Cardboard 

Handy hints

  • Wash out containers to reduce odours coming from your bin.
  • No bottles with cigarette butts.
  • Do not place hazardous waste, light bulbs, laboratory equipment, televisions, computers, cathode ray tubes, porcelain products, cook tops, automobile and vehicle glass including windscreens, and fluorescent tubes in your purple bin.

Glass recycled for road base

Glass is considered a contaminant when it breaks and mixes with other recyclables, so by separating it all materials become easier and more economical to process, ultimately reducing waste that is sent to landfill.

The glass will be transported to the old quarry in Illowa, crushed on-site and the material created used as a substitute for sand in road construction.

See Sustainability Victoria’s YouTube video on how glass is recycled for use in road making.