Better4Moyne FAQ's

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Why is Moyne Shire Council rolling out glass separation?

As part of the long-term solution to the current recycling crisis, Moyne Shire has introduced a four bin system of waste collection to better prevent recyclable items from going to landfill.

Glass is considered a contaminant when mixed with other recyclables because it smashes and mixes with paper and plastic, making them difficult to process. As a long-term solution to avoid sending recyclables to landfill Moyne Shire Council introduced a fourth kerbside bin for glass separation across the entire shire in February.

Changes to our kerbside collection service are not just better for the environment, it’s better economic management of our waste – it’s Better4Moyne.

I don’t want a purple-lidded glass bin. Can I opt out?

All addresses within the shire currently receiving kerbside waste collection services received a purple-lidded glass only bin. Your contribution towards separating waste will help to maintain the recycling system and improve environmental sustainability, it’s Better4Moyne.

Does the glass bin cost me more?

No additional fee will be charged for the supply of your new purple-lidded glass only bin.

Are commercial or industrial businesses be included?

Businesses that currently utilise the kerbside service are included.

How will the glass be processed?

The glass will be crushed at a recycling depot within the shire and used as a substitute for sand in road base. See Sustainability Victoria’s YouTube video on how glass is recycled for use in road making.

Will the collection schedule change?
Your collection day will not change.

The new waste collection calendar 2020 is available here.

The purple-lidded glass only bins will be emptied every four weeks. The yellow-lidded recycling and green-lidded FOGO bins will continue to be collected every two weeks, and the red-lidded landfill bin will continue to be collected weekly.

What do I do with my extra rubbish if the red-lidded bin is full?

  • Consider if you are separating your waste into the right bins.
  • Refer to Council’s Waste Collection Guide on the website.
  • Take soft plastics to supermarkets for REDCYCLE
  • Look for opportunities to reduce purchasing of non-recyclable packaging.
  • Purchase food and other items in bulk to reduce non-recyclable packaging. See Six Ways to Purchase Unpackaged Food.
  • Contact Council if you have special requirements due to being a large family or medical needs.

Why do I need to sort my waste into FOUR bins?

The lack of available landfill space in Victoria is a waste management issue. Taking food waste out of the garbage bin and glass out of the recycling bin dramatically reduces the amount of material going to landfill, and benefits the planet. See our Waste Collection Guide for details.

Visit the Sustainability Victoria website for more ideas.

Who do I contact for further information? 

Moyne Shire Council (03) 5568 0555 or

More recycling and waste details can be found here