Expiry of Planning Permits

All planning permits have a time limit to commence and complete the use, development or subdivision. Sometimes, this time isn't sufficient, and an application can be made to extend a planning permit.

If your permit will expire before the use, development or subdivision will commence or be completed you will need to apply for an extension of time before the permit expires, or no later than 6 months from the expiry date of the permit (if works have not commenced) or no later than 12 months (if works have commenced), as outlined in Section 69 of the Planning & Environment Act 1987.

The extension process

 An application to extend a permit must be submitted in writing to Moyne Shire Council.

All applications must specify;

  • why the extension of time is needed,

  • why the time to date has not been sufficient to commence or complete the use/development/subdivision,

  • how much additional time is required (for example one or two years)

  • contact details and

  • the requisite application fee. A fee schedule can be downloaded here.  

Moyne Shire Council may decide to extend the time within which a use, development or subdivision must be commenced, or to when it must be completed, or refuse the time extension altogether if present Council policy would no longer allow for the granting of the permit.

Where the decision to extend the time is not made until after the permit has expired, the extension begins from the day the permit would have expired.

Moyne Shire Council may seek the views of a referral authority regarding any extension.