Local Government Elections

Summary of Campaign Donation Returns – 2016

In accordance with section 62A (2) of the Local Government Act 1989 Council is required to provide a summary of election campaign donation returns provided by all candidates following the 2016 elections.

Copies of the returns are available for public inspection at the Port Fairy Municipal Offices, Princes Street, Port Fairy.

  • Jim Doukas – nil gift disclosed
  • Kirrilee Nield – disclosure of gift with a total value of $40 from David Tully
  • Daniel Meade – nil gift disclosed
  • Ian Smith – nil gift disclosed
  • Maurice Molan – nil gift disclosed
  • Mick Wolfe – nil gift disclosed
  • Colin Ryan – nil gift disclosed
  • Jordan Lockett – nil gift disclosed
  • Peter Allen – nil gift disclosed
  • Kelvin Goodall – nil gift disclosed
  • Hamish Cumming – nil gift disclosed
  • Jill Parker – nil gift disclosed
  • Margaret Watt – nil gift disclosed
  • Susan Dennis – nil gift disclosed
  • Ralph Leutton – nil gift disclosed
  • Neil Blain – nil gift disclosed  
  • David Sinnott – nil gift disclosed
Election (Caretaker) Period Policy

In the lead up to the October 2016 election, all Victorian Councils were subject to a caretaker period that operated for 32 days from 21 September to 22 October 2016.

Election Caretaker provisions are intended to assure the community that Councils and Councillors will not use public resources in election campaigning or make major policy decisions that may bind the incoming Council.

A variety of issues and processes are curtailed or restricted during the election period, including:

  • public consultation processes
  • use of Council resources
  • content of media releases
  • publishing and distribution of Council publications (print and digital)
  • attendance at functions and events
  • assistance to any candidate for the election

View the Election Caretaker Period Policy here(PDF, 401KB)