Council Adopted Policies

Policy documents enable the effective and efficient management of council resources and assist staff and Council achieve an equitable decision making process. 

Policies are defined as “a general guideline to regulate the organisation’s actions and conduct and to provide the philosophical standard or criterion to help users exercise good judgement and discretion in the management of daily affairs”.  Written policies also enable the community to be aware of the reasoning behind administrative and council decisions and to be familiar with the philosophy behind individual decisions.  Policy statements enable much of the day to day business of Council to be handled by the administration, freeing up the time of the elected members in determining major policy and resource allocation issues.

Each policy is developed in order to address specific matters.  They may relate to the objectives described in the Council Plan, and, in some instances as required by legislation.

Essentially, policies developed by the Council are aimed at ensuring and encouraging equity, fairness, access to information and decision-making and effective management of community resources.


Procurement(PDF, 383KB)

Complaint Handling(PDF, 300KB)

Newspaper-for-Public-Notices(PDF, 29KB)

Use-of-Council-Chambers-Port-Fairy-and-Mortlake(PDF, 35KB)

Councillors-Conferences-and-Seminars(PDF, 29KB)

Flag Flying(PDF, 30KB)

Works Profit Margin(PDF, 26KB)

CFA Vehicle Replacement Policy(PDF, 89KB)

Rate Collection Policy(PDF, 93KB)

Food Registration Fee Exemption Policy(PDF, 56KB)

Issuing Infringement Notices Policy(PDF, 64KB)

Trees on Roadsides Policy(PDF, 128KB)

Unused Road Licences Policy(PDF, 132KB)

Fees and Charges Policy(PDF, 123KB)

Project Savings Policy(PDF, 111KB)

Election Caretaker Policy March 2016(PDF, 345KB)

Council Meetings Policy(PDF, 120KB)

Disability Awareness Policy(PDF, 128KB)

Acknowledgement of Community Contribution(PDF, 50KB)

Property Lease Policy(PDF, 41KB)

Policy Review Process(PDF, 205KB)

Australia Day Awards Policy(PDF, 115KB)

Debtor Management Policy(PDF, 40KB)

Investment Policy(PDF, 41KB)

Road Occupation Policy(PDF, 54KB)

Non Current Asset Accounting Policy(PDF, 701KB)

Cemetery Trusts(PDF, 23KB)

Capital-Projects-on-Council-owned-or-controlled-Land(PDF, 32KB)

Fraud and Corruption Control Policy(PDF, 442KB)

PublicArt Policy(PDF, 594KB) and Public Art Procedure(PDF, 629KB)

Community-Reps-Policy(PDF, 621KB) and Committee-Procedure(PDF, 636KB)

Light-Fleet-Policy.(PDF, 701KB)

Gifts and Benefits Policy(PDF, 248KB)

Buildings-Insurance-for-Recreation-assets(PDF, 1MB)

Protected-Disclosure-Policy(PDF, 233KB)

Community Loan Policy(PDF, 34KB)

Child Safe Policy(PDF, 174KB)

PS-06-Cattle-Underpass-Policy(PDF, 1MB)