Immunisation Program

Immunisation needle nurse

Local Government in Victoria plays an important role in delivering immunisation services to the Victorian public. It currently provides approximately half of all immunisation encounters for children aged zero to six given in Victoria and contributes significantly to raising the importance of immunisation in local communities. Local government administers approximately 90 per cent of immunisations due at school age.

Council offers free vaccinations for babies and children (0 - 7years old), a school program as well as opportunistic vaccinations. These vaccines are offered in accordance with the National Immunisation Program Schedule.

Maternal & Child Health Nurses contacts

Port Fairy: (03) 5568 0516    
Mortlake: (03) 5599 2008    
Koroit: (03) 5565 8473    
Warrnambool Younger Ross: (03) 5562 7048    
Hawkesdale, Macarthur & Yambuk: 0427 052 953    
East Moyne: 0428 395 651    
West Moyne: 0427 052 953

Immunisation Clinics Calendar  Koroit, Younger Ross and Mortlake 

Immunisation Clinics 2019(PDF, 132KB)

Immunisation history request form

Immunisation History RequestForm(PDF, 72KB)