The Ideas Place: for business ideas

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Calling all bright sparks and ideas people...this is for you!
The Ideas Place is here to help you go from being someone with a good idea to being the founder of your very own start-up business.
Come along for a dynamic series of events, masterclasses and meet-ups to create a future for your ideas.
In 2019, you are invited to a series of meetups, masterclasses and workshops will help locals start OR grow their business ideas, with the right skills and mindset to succeed. The Ideas Place works with Runway, a Geelong-based accelerator with proven experience in supporting entrepreneurs and ideas people with unique and scalable ideas. The team will bring their world-class support right to our doorstep.

The Ideas Place is for people in the Moyne, Warrnambool and Corangamite areas. Our workshops, meetups and masterclasses across the region are designed to help start ups and scale ups begin or grow their businesses. It's open to anyone with a solid business idea and a lot of drive. And it’s free. Click here for info and event details and book in today.

 To get involved, register here.

The Ideas Place is a partnership of local groups keen to understand the Great South Coast start up ecosystem. We want to find the innovators and doers and hear about the ideas brewing in our region, so we can help bring them to life. Inspired by big seas, crisp air and open space, we help locals bring their fresh ideas to life. Serious business skills for seriously good businesses. From our cool communities, to the world.

"As a kid, I used to love the rocket on the New World supermarket in Warrnambool. It was like a statement of intent, that this is a place that looks forward to the future. And around the corner in Liebig St, there was also a model of the Trylon and Perisphere. If you haven't already, give that a Google!" says Gareth Colliton from The Ideas Place.

"These little clues represent the humble creativity and spirit of invention that shapes the identity of this region for me. Warrnambool can lay claim to the earliest musical recording in Australia, the textiles revolution of the mid-20th Century, the amazing art of Albert Namatjira (well, it was our artists who taught him anyway), and the scientific sequencing of human DNA. For me, our home isn't about whales, penguins and horses as much as it is about science, commerce and the arts." 




“Entrepreneurialism absolutely exists in regional areas,” says Runway CEO, Peter Dostis, photographed above right. “Regional centres are full of smart, creative, resourceful people with unique challenges and fresh perspectives. If you have an idea, now is the time to get involved up.” 

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 The Ideas Place is funded by LaunchVic. It's a partnership of local Councils, Deakin University, SWTAFE and the Great South Coast Food and Fibre Council. Runway also has programs in Ballarat and Geelong and an excellent series of virtual workshops, available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. 


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