Your Dog, Your Choice, Your $100 Fine.

The message is simple and clear.

Moyne Shire has started a campaign aimed at irresponsible dog owners who allow their dogs to foul in public places around Moyne Shire. If caught dog owners who do not pick up after their dog will be fined $100.

Community Concern

The initiative follows on from concerns raised by residents about the amount of dog mess found in townships. Dog owners’ face an on the spot penalty fine of $100 if they do not pick up after their dog.

Your Choice

Owners are also reminded that it is an offence not to carry a dog poo bag or scooper to remove dog poo when walking a dog in a public space. Dog walkers are urged not to leave the house without first grabbing a supply of dog poo bags. Not having a bag is no excuse. Neither is ignorance of the event. Used bags should be deposited in any public litter bin or taken home.

Our Duty 

In June 2016 Moyne Shire installed 15 Dog Poo Bag Dispensers throughout the Shire.


Dog poo on streets, parks and beaches is unsightly and unpleasant. Droppings contain harmful nutrients and bacteria, and can end up in waterways and the ocean via the stormwater system. This can contribute to excessive E. coli readings on beaches after rainfall. Children, people with immune system deficiencies, and sport players are most at risk of infection from dog poo, including infection by Toxocara canis, the roundworm found in the faeces of infected puppies and adult dogs.