Railway Place PlaySpace



What is a play space?

The aim of the play space project is to provide a rich play environment where people can play and socialise in a variety of ways.  It is an area where people of different abilities can play together in a well-designed space.  The development of play activities here will provide varied opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to spend time relaxing and enjoying a great space in our community. The project will lead to a sympathetic play environment specific to the Railway Place location with equipment and other features responding to the open landscape setting.

Why a play space at Railway Place?

Given its central location and easy access to the main shopping area of town which most residents use, Council is keen to see this important area of open space being used by residents and visitors for a range of activities as part of their daily routine.  Council will continue to review and update existing playgrounds and open spaces and plan for new play areas as part of future community planning and population and visitor growth

Where did the idea come from?

Community members approached Council to look at opportunities to provide play equipment at Railway Place.  A budget of $100,000 is allocated to the project by Council for designs to be developed and works to begin that will enhance the space for all users.

Who is the new play space for?

We want to see this new play space being available to everyone of all ages and abilities to enjoy.  Play space design considers a number of factors including community need, the location and surrounds, what other play options are available in a community, what services and amenities are in the vicinity, accessibility to the site and the equipment, and the needs of others users of the space.

A creative, all generations play space will mean that the little toddler of today will still be able and want to play and use the space when they are 10, 17, 40…and older…...together with their family and friends.

Does it include a skate park?

Council is not planning for or intending to build a skate park at Railway Place.  Play equipment design can allow for skate-able elements – which is not the same as a skate park – but through the consultation and feedback for the project, we will listen to and take on board community responses and ideas in relation to these particular types of play elements.

What about the other users of Railway Place?

Council recognises that Railway Place has a number of important existing uses and users. These include the great regular markets, many music and community events, the program of diverse activities at Community House, people going to the Visitor Information Centre, as a connection corridor for pedestrians and cyclists, resident and visitor parking and for general passive recreation for residents and visitors. 

The critical requirement of the design is that the new play space does not impact on these important uses and Council has no intention of removing or stopping existing uses and users.  We believe the provision of play activities will actually add great value to these activities at Railway Place.

What about the natural features and environment of the space?

The design is intended to have low impact on the environment and surrounds and we are keen to look at ideas that complement this green open space and use natural elements and features as part of the play experience. The design will also consider landscaping and planting, shade, seating and other amenities that will provide for an attractive and welcoming space for everyone. 

And what about the Goods Shed?

Council is continuing to investigate opportunities for the heritage listed Goods Shed.  Firstly, Council will need to conserve and protect the existing structure and identify what the building and surrounds could be used for in the future.  The play space design will consider the location of the Goods Shed within Railway Place and allow for appropriate future uses of the building.

What if I have questions or want to have my input?

Council project officers are happy to talk with any resident and community member about the project and the design.  You can contact Moyne Shire on 1300 656 564 and ask to speak to a project officer, you can email us at moyne@moyne.vic.gov.au or send us a letter to PO Box 51, Port Fairy, Victoria, 3284.

You can also complete a short survey seeking your ideas and input and you can even send us photos or drawings of your ideas. The survey is online via this link - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MTQ5F86. The survey will be open for responses until Friday 10 January 2020.

There will also be a further round community consultation in early 2020 seeking community feedback on draft concepts and plans. Details will be publicised closer to the time.