Koroit Streetscape Concept Options

The Koroit streetscape committee is inviting input into a concept design for the footpaths in Commercial Road.


The footpath surface concept developed by the committee includes:

  • Asphalt pavement with large areas of cobblestone features (accessible for all abilities) at key locations.
  • New street furniture including bins and seats.
  • A local and Irish themed mosaic chair to be located at the pedestrian crossing.
  • Removal and replacement of existing trees with Crepe Myrtle.
  • New interpretive signage for key locations

    The committee believe that the design is an affordable and exciting footpath concept which complements Koroit’s historical and Irish heritage and is ready to commence early in 2020.  The current proposed ‘flag project’ being separately discussed by the community can be incorporated into the footpath project in the future as required.

    Other options considered were:

  • Replacing the entire footpath with cobblestones (accessible for all abilities).  This concept would require additional funding in excess of $800,000.
  • Replacing the entire footpath with cut bluestone, similar to Port Fairy.  This concept would require additional funding in excess of $560,000.

If either of these alternatives are preferred, significant fundraising will need to be undertaken by the local community and grants will also need to be sourced.

If the proposed design is not supported then a masterplan process will recommence incorporating the preferred outcome.

Council and the streetscape committee would now like your feedback by completing the following questionnaire.