Port Fairy, East Beach access consultation

We are committed to continuing to upgrade the East Beach, Port Fairy rock seawall to protect homes and infrastructure from sea storms.

Over the coming years, as funding becomes available, Council intends to upgrade

  1. The section between Bourne Avenue and the toilet block and then,
  2. The section abutting Hanley Court.

Currently there are six beach access points between Hanley Court and the Port Fairy Surf Life Saving Club. Some of these cannot be safely incorporated into the upgraded seawall without compromising its long-term effectiveness.

Council is proposing that two access points are removed leaving four access points distributed between Hanley Court and the surf club.

We want to know what you think. Please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Consultation closes 4 February 2018



1. The ramp at the surf club to be eventually upgraded to provide access for people of all abilities.

2. Large ramp leading from the toilet block to the beach be retained




3. Narrow ramp leading to the beach from the toilet block be permanently removed

4. Ramp at the end of Bourne Avenue be replaced






5. Steps/ramp opposite 117 Beach St be permanently removed



6. Steps at Hanley Court be replaced