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Program application requirements

In order to be considered for funding, all applicants must:

  • Read the funding guidelines here(DOCX, 780KB)   
  • Discuss their project with a Program Council Officer and / or attend one of the three drop-in information sessions detailed on page 8 of the funding guidelines.
  • Be an incorporated organisation or community or be auspiced by an incorporated association.
  • Be located within the Moyne Shire municipal boundary or if an external group, clearly demonstrate predominant benefit to Moyne communities and Council.
  • Fully complete the Program application and provide the required supporting evidence and documentation.
  • Fully acquit funds for the purpose of the grant using Council’s relevant acquittal form within three months of project / event completion. 
  • In the spirit of fairness and transparency, late applications will not be considered.

 In order to be considered for funding, all applicants must not

  • Be a registered business.
  • Be seeking retrospective funding for activities, programs and projects that have already started or are completed.
  • Previous funding has not been fully acquitted or there are outstanding debts or financial or other disputes with Moyne Shire Council. 
  • The requested funding would otherwise be covered by insurance or for programs and events that are more suited to funding by another level of government or agency.
  • The project or event promotes religious, discriminatory or party political views for the purpose of advocacy or membership growth.
  • Have already received allocated funds for the project or event from other Moyne Shire Council programs. 

Contact Officers

Community Assistance Fund

Fiona Davey
Community Strategy Officer
5568 0584

Shelley Firth
Acting Recreation Development Officer
5558 7823

Festival and Event Fund

Courtney Smith
Corporate Business and Tourism Officer
5568 0525

Online Application form

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