Your Dog, Your Choice

Published on 04 July 2017


The message is simple and clear.

Your choice. Bag it, bin it, or pay a $100 fine.

Moyne Shire has started a campaign aimed at irresponsible dog owners who allow their dogs to foul in public places around Port Fairy. If caught, dog owners who do not pick up after their dog will receive an on the spot $100 fine.

Moyne Shire Mayor Cr Jim Doukas said the initiative follows on from concerns raised by residents of Port Fairy about the amount of dog mess found around the town and on the beaches.

“People have been telling us that it’s a problem and they’d like Council to go hard on offenders.

“We know most dog owners do the right thing, but a few ignore the law.

“”We have put new signs around town and filled the dog poo bag dispensers, it’s now the owners choice – pick up or pay up.”

Areas such as East Beach and the Russell Clarke Reserve have been highlighted as of particular concern by residents. Council’s Local Laws Officers will be actively patrolling these and other areas around the town. Dog owners face an on the spot penalty fine of $100 if they do not pick up after their dog.

“We don’t like fining people, we’d much rather educate and inform but this time we’re getting tough,” said Cr Doukas.

“If you’re caught by one of our authorised officers, they will fine you. No exceptions.”

Owners are reminded that it is also an offence under Council’s Local Law not to carry a dog poo bag or scooper to remove dog poo when walking a dog in a public space. Dog walkers are urged not to leave the house without first grabbing a supply of dog poo bags. Not having a bag is no excuse. Neither is ignorance of the event. Used bags should be deposited in any public litter bin or taken home.

In June 2016 Moyne Shire installed 15 dog poo bag dispensers throughout the Shire. Dog poo dispensers are located at East Beach, South Beach, and the Russell Clarke reserve as well at the Gardens and Southcombe Caravan Parks. Bags are also available at the Moyne Shire Offices and at the Port Fairy Visitor Information Centre.

While this campaign focuses on Port Fairy other towns and areas will be targeted in the future