Wishart Street trees to stay

Published on 21 December 2017

Wishart St.jpg

Moyne Shire has sided with the majority of local residents and voted to retain the Norfolk Island hibiscus trees in Port Fairy’s Wishart Street.

A period of public consultation was undertaken, which found 22 people in favour of keeping the trees, and 12 in favour of removing the trees.

Wishart Street is contained within a heritage precinct, and its seven Norfolk Island hibiscus trees were planted shortly after World War 2.

The council had been approached by a Wishart Street resident concerned about the health impacts of the trees on visitors to the area.

While sympathetic to these concerns, the council voted in favour of retaining the trees, given their historical and aesthetic value.

The Norfolk Island hibiscus trees are considered to be in good health and pose no great risk to the community.