When I'm Sixty-Four

Published on 04 June 2018


Port Fairy’s Reardon Theatre means so much more to the town than just films.


She’s hosted yoga, art, book sales, live performances and community meetings as well as being home to the town's Film Society. Countless tourists have made the old building a part of their summer memories over generations.


But she needs a little TLC. Since 1954, building standards have moved along, while the theatre has remained stolidly post-war.


The works funded for next financial year include removal of asbestos from underneath the building, construction of an additional accessible toilet in the foyer, design and installation of a ventilation system in the theatre and replacement of the theatre seats.


These works will take place between significant theatre events such as the spring festival, jazz festival and folk festival. There will be some disruption to other services whilst hopefully minimising impacts and allowing the major events to proceed.


Routine maintenance work on the kitchen roof this year revealed that one of the parapet walls no longer conforms to current building standards. So there will be some additional work to modify the wall to improve its safety. Scaffolds will appear on the southwest corner of the building to enable the builders to complete their work. This is unrelated to the works scheduled for next financial year and will have little or no impact on the operation of the building. Neighbouring residents have been contacted and consulted in relation to the works and their co-operation is greatly appreciated.

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