Unregistered Moyne pets to go to Hamilton pound

Published on 15 December 2017


Unregistered pets found at large in Moyne Shire will be taken to Hamilton from December 18.

Moyne Shire previously used the Warrnambool RSPCA to house wandering unregistered pets, but a change in the contractual agreement between the Warrnambool City Council and the RSPCA led Moyne Shire to seek an alternate arrangement.

A recent memorandum of understanding was signed by Moyne Shire and Southern Grampians Shire, allowing unregistered pets to be taken from Moyne Shire to the pound in Hamilton.

The Hamilton pound is run by Southern Grampians Shire.

Moyne Shire environment and regulatory services manager Robert Gibson said using the Hamilton pound was the most cost-effective option available to council at present.

“We look forward to working with Southern Grampians Shire,” Mr Gibson said.

“This is a good example of how councils can work together to get positive outcomes.

“Moyne Shire staff would also like to thank the Portland RSPCA for their great work in housing unregistered pets from Moyne in the interim.”

If people have registered their pets with Moyne Shire, local laws officers will make every effort to contact the owners and return the pets to them.

But if the pets are unregistered, local laws officers will not know where the animals are from and will have no option but to take the pets to the Hamilton pound. Owners will be required to pay a fee when collecting their pets from the pound.

Mr Gibson said this new arrangement was a good opportunity to remind people of the importance of getting your pets registered and microchipped.

“Our local laws officers will do everything they can to get pets home, but if they’re not registered and microchipped there’s nothing we can do other than take them to Hamilton,” he said.

“In those circumstances, not registering your pet would prove more costly than registering it.”

The arrangement with Southern Grampians Shire will remain in place for six months during which time it will be monitored and assessed.

If the situation is seen as satisfactory after six months, there is an option to extend the arrangement with the Hamilton pound to 2021.