Tea Tree Lake Master Plan Review

Published on 03 March 2017

Tea Tree Lake crop.jpg

Moyne Shire Council is reviewing the Tea Tree Lake (Mortlake) Master Plan. The review will include an assessment of the original recommendations from the plan from 2002.

The review will also consider other actions that have been undertaken at Tea Tree Lake including the new public toilets, tree planting and BBQ shelter.

As part of the review, a community meeting is to be held at the Moyne Shire Council Mortlake Office,

Residents will be asked to consider which of the existing outstanding actions are a still a priority and to identify other priority projects.

The Mortlake Community Development Committee is already working with the Moyne Shire Youth Council on a plan to upgrade the car park and surrounds of the skate park. We expect other ideas will be raised as part of the community consultation.

Other issues likely to be highlighted in the review of the plan are an upgrade to the fishing platform, continued control of Cumbungi, renewal of signage and upgrading of the vehicle barriers and guard railing throughout the area.

Ideas that come out of the community consultation process will be presented to Council for budget consideration in future years.

Anyone wanting to submit their ideas for improvements to the Tea Tree Lake can forward them to Council by 31 March, 2017.