Skyway - a sculpture for the Koroit Skate Park

Published on 05 December 2017


‘Skyway’ is the name of the sculpture that has recently been installed at Koroit’s new skate park. Aligned north to south to capture the changes in light, the sculpture celebrates the bright clear skies that brings the town alive.

Artist Becky Nevin Berger said that making a piece of public art for a skate park was a challenge.

“There’s always the issue of it being an outdoor artwork, so there is a balance between making an artwork that is vibrant and alive while also making sure the materials will last in the weather.

“Originally the idea was to make the sculpture out of wood; it was meant to be bright blue. And it was a process of working backwards to see what would work in the site.

“So what we have in the end is a stainless steel structure which is about 20mm thick because it’s about the toughest thing for a site like this.”

Murray Adams who runs an engineering workshop in Wangoom had the challenge of turning the artwork from a concept into its physical form. He said there is close to three and a half thousand holes in the sculpture that needed drilling into the stainless steel.

“Most of the work was done on a CNC machine, but the real challenge was to colour the dark grey of the steel.

“To provide a contrast we heated it up and then painted it with sump oil to try and get the oil to burn into the surface."

Ms Berger said she hopes the sculpture will enhance the skate park and help to build its identity.

“This precinct is going to be part of people’s childhoods. It’s a site that’s going to grow. For me, the important part of skyway is that it lives in the space.”