Recycling concerns

Published on 06 February 2018


You may have heard recent reports of pressures impacting the recycling industry. We wish to advise residents that, at present, this is not impacting council’s operations.

We ask residents to continue recycling as normal.

From 1 January 2018 China introduced new trade measures that limit the import of recyclable materials. This is having a significant impact on global recycling markets and specifically Victoria’s recycling industry.   

China’s recent change in policy has imposed restrictions on the importation of unsorted, dirty or contaminated plastics and mixed paper and cardboard. The policy most directly impacts kerbside recycling services, as recyclables from households are usually on-sold in a mixed form. The new policy imposes much tighter contamination thresholds on these recyclable streams. 

We are working with the Victorian Government and industry as a matter of urgency to respond to the issues posed by the China restrictions on recycling, and to minimise the impact on residents.

Residents are reminded that one of the most important ways to keep resources out of landfill is to ensure they recycle in accordance with Council’s instructions and to buy products with recycled content to help close the recycling loop