Playing Sport on ANZAC Day 2017

Published on 27 March 2017


ANZAC Day will fall on Tuesday 25 April 2017. The Victorian Government is working with all sporting codes and the Returned & Services League (RSL) to accommodate the playing of sport on this day, whilst also honouring the significance of ANZAC Day and all those who have served our country.

The ANZAC Day Act 1958 prohibits the holding of sporting events to which persons are required to pay an admission fee or make a donation in order to watch sport, without the written approval of the Minister for Sport.

The Minister may approve the holding of sport on ANZAC Day if:

  • the sport does not commence before 1pm
  • a payment is made to the ANZAC Day Proceeds Fund in the case of the sport being held within the metropolitan area, or the RSL Patriotic Welfare Fund through the RSL State Branch Headquarters or local sub-branch for sport in country areas.

Clubs should contact their respective peak sporting organisation or association to seek information about submitting a request for the Minister’s approval to play sport on ANZAC Day.

Following consultation with your relevant peak sporting organisation or association, applications for the Minister’s approval should be forwarded by 19 April 2017 to the:


Business Manager

Sport and Recreation Victoria

Department of Health and Human Services

GPO Box 4057              



Applicants should consult the local sub-branch of the RSL on the protocols, requirements and appropriate commemorative activities for ANZAC Day.

Sporting events to be held on ANZAC Day that do not charge an admission fee, or seek a donation from spectators, do not require the Minister’s approval. It is still recommended that relevant clubs discuss appropriate commemorative activities that can be incorporated into their ANZAC Day sporting events with their local RSL sub branch.

For more information, please contact Sport and Recreation Victoria on (03) 9096 9836

or via email at