Moyne Gets Smarter on Recycling

Published on 26 June 2019


Leading the way in recycling and sustainability, Moyne Shire will soon trial a fourth kerbside bin for glass collection.

The new purple lidded bin will be introduced for a trial period in Koroit, after it was unanimously agreed on at this week’s Council meeting.

Moyne Shire Mayor, Councillor Mick Wolfe said this was a major step forward in being smarter with how the Shire recycles.

“There have been significant interruptions to the current recycling process across Australia so we need to get smarter in how we manage our waste,” Councillor Wolfe said.

“Under the current recycling crisis glass is considered a contaminant when mixed with other recyclables because its smashes and mixes with paper and plastic, making them difficult to process.

“With glass currently accounting for around 40% of recyclables in yellow kerbside bins in the Moyne Shire, it makes both economic and environmental sense to separate it.

“By separating the glass, all of the products become easier and therefore more cost effective to process. This is not just good for the environment, its smarter management of our waste.

“This decision puts Moyne at the forefront of waste management; Moyne is one of only three councils that we know of across the country that are trialing a glass-only kerbside collection.”

The town of Koroit was chosen for the trial due to its population, response to previous waste trials and proximity to the glass collection depot, where the glass will be processed locally for use as road making material.

“The separated glass will be processed within the shire, and other recyclables processed near Melbourne at a lower cost,” Councillor Wolfe said.

“After the closure of the SKM sorting facilities earlier this year that resulted in Moyne’s and many other Council’s kerbside recycling temporarily going to landfill, we knew we had to find a smarter solution.”

During the trial period, a change to the collection schedule will also be tested, not only to encourage glass recycling, but to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

“Every week, red lidded garbage bins in Moyne are almost half full of predominantly food waste that should be going into the green lidded FOGO (food and organic) bins,” Councillor Wolfe said.

“In the new schedule we will trial a fortnightly collection of red lidded bins to encourage residents to dispose of FOGO waste properly.”

Following approval by Council this week to proceed with the trial, Council officers will soon be in contact with Koroit residents. Updates on the trial will be posted regularly on Council’s Facebook page.