More funding needed for VicRoads

Published on 25 January 2018

country road bridge

Moyne Shire’s submission to the inquiry into VicRoads Management of Country Roads has highlighted a lack of funding as the biggest issue facing south-west roads.

The submission to the Law Reform, Road and Community Safety Committee’s calls for a more adequate amount of money to be spent on maintenance of country roads.

“It is clear that the major issue that currently exists with the Great South Coast arterial network has been and continues to be, a lack of adequate funding,” the submission says.

“The Great South Coast region carries almost 30% of the state’s truck freight and is a key producer of milk and timber for the Australian market. This level of activity and the importance of the region to the state and the country should be reflected in the investment in Great South Coast roads.”

The submission also raises issues in VicRoads supervision of construction works, a need for a more appropriate asset management model, and too many roads which are not “fit for purpose”.

Moyne Shire’s input to the inquiry also raises questions about a suggestion that country roads and metropolitan roads be managed by separate authorities.

“It is feared that if a Country Roads organisation was established it would then only be competing for funds with the Metropolitan Regions and could lose out further based on a population/voter basis,” the submission states.

“The focus needs to shift away from merely a population basis but also consider the value of regional roads to the economy through inputs such as agriculture and tourism.”