James Street Trees

Published on 13 November 2017

Street Trees
Twenty cyprus trees in James Street, Port Fairy will be removed from the week starting 20 November 2017.

James Street will be closed between Campbell Street and Ocean Drive from 20 November 2017 until 28 November 2017 to enable the removal of the trees.

The street will then be partially closed from 28 November until 8 December but access to the caravan park will be possible. 

These trees are being removed in accordance with a Council decision at the Council meeting held on 25 July 2017. A decision on the replacement trees will be considered by Council at a meeting to be held on 28 November 2017


Two reports adopted by Council have recommended that the 20 cypress Trees in James Street, Port Fairy be removed and replaced because the trees are in decline and have a useful life expectancy of only five to ten years.
The Port Fairy Tree Management Plan adopted in 2014 and the Southcombe Park Masterplan adopted in July 2016, both highlight that the removal of the trees is a high priority.

Given that these two reports have included significant community consultation and the expert advice has recommended the removal of the trees, Council has included provision for their removal in the 2017/18 draft budget. To retain the trees after receiving such strong advice to support their removal would be a significant risk.

Quotes from the reports


  • “Street Tree Recommendations: 17. The 20 Cupressus macrocarpa located on James Street (south) are removed as a group within the next 12 months and new plantings are established in 2 years following public consultation.” Port Fairy Tree Management Plan, Volume 1, page 5(PDF, 3MB) .
  • “James Street (south section) is of the most concern as it contains 20 Cupressus macrocarpa that create a closed avenue and are the remnants of what was originally a widely planted species in Port Fairy streets. These trees are in a state of decline, with many showing signs of decay, splitting or evidence of previous failures and multiple pruning events as part of ongoing management.” ibid. page 42(PDF, 3MB) .
  • “Actions List: 6. Remove the senescent Cupressus macrocarpa trees along James Street (approximately 20 trees) to improve safety and functionality of the street (i.e. the narrowness of the street is exacerbated by the location of the trees, which prevent two vehicles passing side by side, this is particularly an issue with cars accessing the caravan park towing vans).” Southcombe Park Recreation Reserve Master Plan, page 19(PDF, 3MB) .
  • “Actions List: 13. Replant appropriate indigenous / native trees to the west of James Street within Russell Clark reserve.” ibid. page 20(PDF, 3MB) .
Both plans can also be viewed at council offices