It's thank you and goodbye to BlazeAid!

Published on 18 May 2018

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On Sunday 20 May, the hardworking volunteers of BlazeAid will pack up their trailers at Macarthur Oval and pull out for the very last time.

 Since the fires swept through Garvoc and Gazette-Hawkesdale on 17 March this year, BlazeAid have become something of a fixture in our communities: raising spirits among affected families and installing a remarkable 96 kilometres of quality fencing.

The Blazeaid team of 118 volunteers spent a combined 744 days out there in all sorts of weather.  If you were to apply a rate of $25.00 per hour to all that work, and an eight hour day, it amounts to nearly $150,000 of value to our community.

Friendships have been made, hardships shared and a bond forged that will last for many years to come. The team were kept fed by Heywood and Macarthur Lions, the Macarthur Bowling Club and the Macarthur Football Club. Other community organisations that got behind the Blazeaid effort included Penshurst Football Club, Hamilton Rotary, Port Fairy, Koroit, Hamilton and Penshurst Lions, the Uniting Church of Hamilton, Macarthur Community Health, the Byaduk Progress Association, the Koroit Irish Festival and the Penshurst Pony Club.

 We’d like to extend the Shire’s thanks to Kevin McNamara and Barry Thompson and all of the volunteers who did so much to help our communities recover.

 And remember, BlazeAid is a registered charity. If you like what they’ve done for us, send them a donation! Just call 0418 990 172, or go to

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