Health of pine being monitored

Published on 02 January 2018

Norfolk Island Pine regent william.jpeg

An arborist is monitoring the health of an historic Norfolk Island pine in Port Fairy after concerns from residents.

The tree near the intersection of Regent and William streets was first brought to Moyne Shire’s attention about six months ago, at which point the arborist was engaged.

It was found the tree had no obvious reasons for decline and no other Norfolk Island pines in Port Fairy seemed to be in a similar state.

The pine did have a very small infestation of mealybugs but this was not believed to be the cause of the trees decline.

The infestation has been treated and the arborist has also undertaken a range of other treatments to improve the health of the tree.

Initially the tree was in poor condition, did seem to come back, but deteriorated again in the lead up to Christmas. But there is new growth on the tree so the shire and the arborist remain hopeful that it will recover.

The tree has been assessed and is structurally sound.

The arborist will continue to monitor the tree and undertake any necessary treatments.

Moyne Shire would like to thank the residents for their calls and concerns.