Future of Victoria Park out for discussion

Published on 21 December 2017


A new masterplan for the Victoria Park precinct will be released to the public for comment.

The plan covers the Victoria Park Recreation Reserve, the Koroit Caravan Park and the Koroit Botanic Garden, and has been put together following extensive consultation with the Victoria Park Recreation Reserve user groups.

Key issues detailed in the masterplan include:

  • traffic management with safe pedestrian access,
  • ·opportunity for shared venues between the bowling and croquet clubs and the football/netball and cricket clubs,
  • competing demands for ground use and the impact management,
  • and governance and management procedures for the user groups.

The masterplan also details a wishlist of upgrades and changes that includes:

  • improvements to the netball court fencing,
  • an upgrade of the turf wicket on Jack Keane Oval,
  • removal of the CFA target tower and pump shed,
  • alterations to the internal road design to improve traffic movement, pedestrian safety, and parking
  • improvements to the accessibility and floor covering of the Koroit Basketball Stadium,
  • improvements to accessibility and indoor flooring of Koroit Bowls Club, and resurface bowling greens with synthetic grass,
  • and a review of the Koroit Historical Society’s requirements for storage and internet access.

The masterplan is out for public comment until February 2.

During that time it will be available to view at http://www.moyne.vic.gov.au/Public-Notices/Victoria-Park-Master-Plan-Consultation, the Moyne Shire office in Port Fairy, and the Koroit library.

Submissions can be sent to moyne@moyne.vic.gov.au or by mail to PO Box 51, Princes Street, Port Fairy, 3284.