Funding Support Needed for Local School

Published on 28 June 2019


Moyne Shire is urging local businesses and other councils to follow their lead in raising money for much needed equipment for students with special needs.

The Warrnambool Special Developmental School launched their fundraising campaign earlier this year with a goal of $1 million to complete the new facilities at Wollaston Road.

After Moyne Shire Council committed $25,000 to the campaign in its 2019/20 budget this week, Councillor Mick Wolfe said the school is a very important facility for more than 150 local children from across the region.

“The School is the only Special Developmental School in the area, providing specialised education to children with intellectual disabilities,” Councillor Wolfe said.

“We didn’t hesitate in supporting the school, with around 20 per cent of students being Moyne Shire residents. It would be great to see more councils and businesses get on board and support the local children that rely on the school.”

Warrnambool Special Developmental School Council President Jay Everall said the funds from the campaign will be used to purchase much needed equipment at the new facility.

“While we received a significant amount of funding for construction of the school’s new premises, we soon identified another $1 million was needed for a new oval, specialised interactive whiteboards that make learning accessible to all students, and other outdoor all abilities equipment,” Mr Everall said.

“The funding will also enable us to set up a first aid room, a multi-sensory room and purchase items such as therapy equipment and ICT resources.

“Thanks to support like this from Moyne Shire Council, we’ve managed to raise around $200,000. We’ve still got a long way to go, and any support from others in the community is greatly appreciated.”

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