Fire Hazard Inspections

Published on 04 November 2016

Image of fire burning grassland.JPG

Local Laws Officers have conducted fire inspections on private properties and notices will be issued to residents on Monday 7 November 2016.

Officers inspected properties right across the Shire for fire hazards such as long grass, rubbish heaps and other flammable material, and will issue fire prevention notices to property owners where these hazards pose a risk to life or property.

Property owners are required by law to take the necessary steps to minimise any potential fire hazards on their property.

People who do not remove hazards on their land will be served with a fire prevention notice by the Council.  These notices specify a time period in which the property owner must remove the fire hazard.

Properties will then be reinspected in the week of 12 December for compliance. For Non-compliant properties Moyne Shire will engage a contractor to cut the grass at the residents expense and penalties of $1,550 may be applicable. 

Above average rainfall in September has resulted in increased grass and vegetation growth throughout the shire, contributing to increased fire risk this season.

The more work people do around their property the better. Slashing grass, removing rubbish piles and flammable materials, is best done now before the onset of the fire danger period.

It is also important for residents to continually maintain their properties during summer – doing one clean up before the fire season is just not enough.  Every property owner is obliged to do their bit to help reduce the risk of fire in Moyne this summer and it is important to start now before the hot weather sets in.


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