Extra recycling pick-up well used by residents

Published on 18 January 2018


Moyne residents received a Christmas bonus this year, and it seemed a lot of them were more than happy to make the most of it.

Moyne Shire Council introduced an extra kerbside recycling bin collection between Christmas and New Year’s Eve in response to requests from the community.

The extra bin pick-up was undertaken to help cope with the excess quantities of Christmas wrappings, cardboard and glass that accumulates at this time of year.

Data provided by the Moyne Shire’s kerbside recycling contractors show the uptake on the additional service was high.

On average about 4500 recycling bins are emptied each fortnight. The additional service saw 3502 bins collected – approximately 78 per cent of the average fortnightly amount.

Waste management officer Sam Rudolph said the amount of people utilising the extra recycling collection was higher than expected.

“It’s a good result,” Mr Rudolph said.

“We made sure we got the message out there through social media, traditional media and advertising, so it was great to see such a strong uptake on the extra service.

“We hope this helped cut down on the amount of recycling that might have otherwise gone into regular rubbish bins and ultimately landfill.”

The extra service will be considered again by council later this year.