Culvert replacement on the Glenthompson-Caramut Road

Published on 11 February 2019


Council is replacing a major culvert on the Glenthompson-Caramut Road.

Along with rehabilitating 1.5km of road pavement, these works will provide a smoother and safer ride for all vehicles while continuing to provide access to heavy vehicles already operating in support of agricultural production.

The Glenthompson-Caramut Road serves as a valuable connection between the Hamilton Highway at Caramut, and the Glenelg Highway at Glenthompson.

The road sees a considerable number of heavy vehicle movements, with particularly high numbers during the grain harvest season.

It’s important that this road is accessible for B-Double and Higher Mass vehicles which currently have access over the road via permit.

Discussions with representatives from the transport industry have confirmed that were the road to be closed to B-Doubles and Higher Mass vehicles, it would add an extra 34km to the trip, as these vehicles would have to head west to Penshurst, then North to Dunkeld via the Penshurst-Dunkeld Road, and then east on the Glenelg Highway to Glenthompson.

There are cost savings in terms of wear on heavy vehicles, and man-hours saved in both reduced trip times, and reduced maintenance by improving the condition of the road. Based on traffic data collected, Council believes that industry will save more than the $500k total cost of the project within two years.

Rehabilitating these road sections will also encourage tourists to continue to use this road, which has flow-on effects in terms of supporting local service businesses in Caramut and Glenthompson.