Council's 'No Spray' register

Published on 02 August 2018


Council regularly applies chemical herbicides on council reserves and roadsides to control problematic weeds and improve road safety.

Weed management is critical to protect biodiversity and encourage indigenous flora and fauna

Systems and procedures are in place to minimise the potential for off-target impact and maximize the safe and effective use of herbicides.

Council’s environmental unit maintains a register of landowners and residents within the municipality who have concerns about the use of herbicides in proximity to their property or residence. Landholders or residents who may be sensitive to chemicals or are concerned about the potential impact of herbicides on sensitive crops or organic farming systems are invited to make council aware of their concerns. This will enable council to implement additional precautions to further reduce the likelihood of herbicide applications impacting on health or farming operations.

If you would like to nominate your property or residence for inclusion on the chemical sensitive property register, please email to our environment team at with your name, address, contact telephone number and provide a brief justification for nominating your property for inclusion on the register. 

 See our roadside weed and rabbit control plan for more information