Councillor Code of Conduct

Published on 16 August 2016

Moyne Shire Council believes that it has complied with the requirements to update its Councilor Code of Conduct.

Council adopted its updated Code at a Special Meeting held on 28 June 2016 which was within the 4-month timeframe required by legislation.  All Moyne Shire Councillors signed the code at the meeting in the presence of the Chief Executive Officer.

Moyne Shire Mayor Cr Colin Ryan said he believed that the intent of the amended legislation was to review, adopt, and sign the updated Code of Conduct and that Moyne Shire Council had achieved this.

“We understand the alleged breach involves wording of the declaration. Council used the same wording it had previously used.”

“This whole matter has been handled appallingly by the Local Government Inspectorate and the State Government.

“We understand that there will be no ramifications for Moyne Shire Council, and nor should there be, “said Cr Ryan.