Carry on recycling as normal

Published on 21 February 2019


Council's recycling processor, SKM, has temporarily closed its Geelong depot, which means there is currently nowhere to send Moyne's recyclable materials

Moyne Shire actively investigating alternative options but unfortunately the only option currently available is to send recyclable collections to landfill. This is a disappointment for both the council and our community. No one wants recyclable material to sent to landfill


  • Place bins out as normal for collection.
  • Continue to sort recyclable material and place it in the recycling bin.
  • Save space by flattening or crushing cans and plastic bottles before putting them in the recycling bin
  • Please continue to seek ways to reduce and reuse items.

Recycling crisis update

Published 22/02/19

We are very disappointed that we are one of 30 councils in Victoria whose recycling contents will go to landfill temporarily after recyclables processor SKM Recycling temporarily closed its Geelong plant.

This means that from Monday 25 February all recycling bins will be collected on their normal collection day but it is anticipated that the contents will go to landfill.

You can choose to hold onto your recycling until your next collection as we hope the Geelong plant will be open by then.

This is a disappointment for both Council and our community. No one wants recyclable material to sent to landfill.

To view responses to questions about Council’s recycling collection changes, please view our frequently asked questions